Main Street Business Survey 2023

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8 businesses met for in-depth interviews, and 15 businesses completed an on-line survey.

Because of the sensitivity to confidentiality for business, not all findings are being shared publicly.  There are, however, some themes that can be shared.

Parking continues to be a concern.

  • 67% cited parking availability as an issue.
  • 67% disagreed that there is plenty of convenient parking.
  • 86% felt that the way the municipality looks after parking needs improvement
  • 33% of businesses cited parking as the biggest disadvantage of having a business on Main Street
  • When asked about Main Street weaknesses, 50% of interview respondents identified parking

Road Closures are Supported and Encouraged

  • 73% prefer three or more road closures
  • 80% agreed to bring temporary outside vendors during events
  • Feedback indicated that there should be additional events where Main Street is pedestrian only

Top Advantages of Operating a Business on Main Street

  • The top advantage indicated was “Location”
  • “Sense of Community” and “Close to Other Businesses” tied as the second advantage
  • Following with “High Traffic/Foot Traffic” as another advantage indicated

Schomberg Main Street is an Excellent Place to have a Business

  • 87% of respondents indicated that Main Street is an excellent place to have a business
  • 60% agreed that the existing Main Street business mix helps their business
  • 73% of businesses are looking to continue to run and/or expand their business over the next 3 years

Many businesses feel that Main Street physical changes were well executed as a result of the Main Street Revitalization Strategy.

  • 60% of businesses were aware of the Strategy
  • 80% of businesses felt that Street Patios and Street Banners were executed well
  • 73% of businesses felt that Lions Parkette Schomberg Community Hall Renovations were executed well

Based on the 15 businesses surveyed, a fairly accurate profile can be made of the type of business owner that is a good fit for Main Street.

  • Small, owner-run business
  • Up to nine employees
  • Most business owners are a resident of Schomberg or live within a 15 minute drive from Schomberg
  • Is the type of business that would benefit from the increased traffic from events
  • Wants to see more programming beyond signature events

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