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Leadership & Management

Organization & Collaboration

Organization and collaboration establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among the various businesses, community groups and residents that have a stake in the commercial district.

King Township has received letters of support from 7 community groups:  Schomberg Village Association, King Chamber of Commerce, Schomberg Agricultural Society, Dufferin Marsh Nature Connection, Schomberg Community Farm, Schomberg Lion's Club and the Schomberg Street Gallery.  Representatives from these 7 community groups, in addition to representatives from Main Street businesses, will be working closely with the Township to develop a shared vision, which will guide the strategy.

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Three Surveys Have Been Conducted

It is important that every Schomberg stakeholder's voice be heard.  To ensure this happens, three sureys have been conducted.

The Business Owner Survey was provided to every business on Main Street, and explored their long term goals, barriers they feel they need to overcome, and their ideal vision for Main Street.

The Resident Survey was completed by 338 residents, and explored quality of life and the ideal vision for Main Street.

The Customer Survey captured 916 postal codes from people who were frequenting businesses on Main Street.  This survey will identify where Main Street shoppers come from.

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